Our Difference

If you have legal questions or concerns about real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Call today to schedule a free consultation, (509) 606-4700.

At Timely Contract Washington, we’re set up differently than most other law firms in Washington State.

Our Focus

For starters, we only focus on real estate law. While many law firms cover everything from family law to business law, estate planning to personal injury, we only do real estate law.

Our Fee Structure

Our legal solutions and fee structures are designed to make real estate legal services cost-effective. Many real estate law firms in Washington prefer to provide legal services to large clients – commercial property owners, developers, corporations, and the like. We aim to help a broader base of buyers, sellers, property owners, and investors!

We’ve designed legal solutions for buyers and sellers of real estate in Washington:

Our Turnaround Time

We’re committed to turning work around quickly – so much so that we made “Timely” part of our name! While drafts, reviews, or revisions of contracts might take weeks at other real estate law firms, we commit to turning ours around in days. The same holds true with title research, land use research, legal due diligence, and all of our legal services.

Our Free Consultation

Sometimes people are reluctant to contact a lawyer – afraid that they might not be able to afford help, or not sure if they need help from a lawyer at all. Do you really need a real estate lawyer? If you’re considering the option, better to talk to someone at no obligation first, which is why we’re happy to offer a free consultation.

For more information about Timely Contract Washington or to schedule a free consultation, please call (509) 606-4700 or e-mail ContactUs@TimelyContractWashington.com.