Timely Contract Solutions

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At Timely Contract Washington, we’ve designed quick, expert legal solutions for sellers and buyers of real estate in Washington State.

TC Review

We can review real estate contracts and answer questions, make recommendations for revisions and addendums, provide legal opinions and more.

TC Drafting

We can draft real estate contracts, including: purchase contracts, sales contracts, for sale by owner contracts, owner financing agreements, easements, water and septic agreements, land use contracts, and more.


Most types of properties in Washington State have title exceptions legally attached to them, which are not covered by title insurance policies. Designed for buyers, our TIER solution is a “title insurance exception review” service, in which we can uncover tax liens, easements, deed restrictions, and other public-record documents that could impact your use and enjoyment of the property.

Our Tier Plus solution is a legal due diligence service that includes a legal opinion detailing the potential risks associated with the property you’re interested in purchasing. This fast, custom-designed legal solution can cover title risks, as well as other risks associated with land use, zoning, building codes, restrictions, and more. The TIER Plus legal due diligence service is designed to help you better understand permissible uses for the property, the true value of the property today, and any challenges that you might have selling the property in the future.

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