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Timely Contract Review

Do you have concerns about a real estate contract you’re about to sign? Call today to schedule a free consultation, (509) 606-4700.

TC Review is one of our most popular real estate legal solutions, designed to help buyers and sellers in Washington State make informed decisions.

While other law firms in Washington might include real estate law as part of their offerings, at Timely Contract Washington, this is all we do…and we do it quickly.

Have you ever tried to read a real estate contract – every word? Probably not, and even if you did, you might not completely understand some of the language we see in real estate contracts all the time, including: contingencies, right to cancel the contract, payment and earnest money terms, inspection issues, closing dates, escalation clauses, performance requirements, and more.

Before you sign a real estate contract, everything is potentially negotiable. Once you’ve signed the agreement, there’s no turning back. You’re legally bound to the terms.Real estate contracts invariably favor whoever writes them, which is why it’s important to have an experienced real estate contract lawyer review a contract before you sign it.

Below are some of the most common types of real estate contracts we review:

For more information about our real estate contract review solutions or to schedule a free consultation, please call (509) 606-4700 or e-mail

Please note: In addition to reviewing real estate contracts, we can also draft real estate contracts.

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