TIER: Title Insurance Exceptions Review

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At Timely Contract Washington, our TIER solution is a legal due diligence service that’s designed to inform and protect buyers throughout Washington.

If you’re buying property in Washington State, you’ll want to know – very explicitly – what you can and can’t do with the property and if there are any encumbrances on the property that could potentially impact you.

Most buyers assume, incorrectly, that title insurance will take care of this. Standard title insurance policies, however, only cover real estate ownership issues.

There could be any number of public-record documents recorded with the county that could impact not only your right to use and enjoy the property you want to buy, but also the value and resale value of it.

The most common types of public-record documents found at the County Recorder’s Office include:

Don’t get caught by surprise when one of these issues crops up down the line! Take advantage of our reasonably priced TIER solution, and you’ll know exactly what you are (and aren’t) buying.

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Please note: In addition to providing a review of title insurance exceptions, we can also provide quick, expert legal due diligence and legal opinions with our TIER Plus solution.

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