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What Timely Contract Washington Does

Do you have a question or concern about an issue relating to real estate? Call today to schedule a free consultation, (509) 606-4700.

At Timely Contract Washington, we provide quick, expert legal services for issues related to real estate in Washington State.

We help buyers, sellers, and property owners who need contracts reviewed or drafted, or as well as those who need legal due diligence performed on a property.

We offer these Timely Contract Solutions:

The most common types of real estate contracts we review and draft include:

For properties in Washington, we also perform legal research and due diligence and deliver legal opinions about common real estate issues, such as:

  • tax liens
  • zoning restrictions
  • HOA CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions)
  • land use rights (farming, grazing, livestock, and more)
  • water rights
  • mineral rights
  • oil and gas rights
  • logging rights
  • conservation and endangered species restrictions
  • boundary lines and encroachments
  • right-of-way-agreements

For more information about our real estate legal services or to schedule a free consultation, please call (509) 606-4700 or e-mail