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Construction Contracts in Washington

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You’ve bought a piece of real estate in Washington, and now you’d like to build a house or outbuilding on it. Maybe you want to remodel your house or finish your basement. The construction contract that you’re about to sign with a builder or general contractor is likely to cover an extensive amount of work, over an extended period of time, and represent a large financial commitment.

Construction Contracts Need To Be Written In Specific Ways

While you might feel comfortable reviewing and approving a construction contract on your own, these types of contracts can get sticky. For starters, all construction contracts in Washington State need to be in accordance with the Statute of Frauds, a really old legal principle that requires certain contracts to be in writing to be enforceable. Essentially, this prohibits “handshake” deals. In addition, real estate laws in Washington are ever-changing, based not only on what the State legislature comes up with, but also on what judges decide in court.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have an experienced real estate lawyer review (and potentially revise) your construction contract before you sign it. Getting an expert to review your construction contract can help prevent disappointment, misunderstanding, construction delays, and litigation.

Types Of Construction Contracts

At Timely Contract Washington, we can quickly review and draft contracts for all types of construction, including:

  • new home construction
  • home renovations and remodels
  • finished basements
  • home additions
  • garages, barns, sheds, and outbuildings
  • commercial construction

Common Construction Contract Issues

We can also provide expert legal support for disputes that might arise partway through construction. Some of the most common issues that arise between builders and contractors and their clients involve:

  • payment terms
  • timeframes and time limits
  • punch list items
  • scope of work and change orders
  • quality of work
  • use of subcontractors
  • contract termination triggers

In addition to our construction contract legal services, we also offer TIER and TIER Plus services. By performing due diligence legal research before you start construction, we can determine if your proposed construction project conforms with county and municipal zoning, building codes, and more.

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