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Who Timely Contract Washington Helps

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At Timely Contract Washington, our experienced real estate lawyers can provide legal services for residential real estate and commercial real estate.


We review real estate contracts for buyers. We help buyers understand the legal risks involved with a property (along with its true value) by reviewing title insurance exceptions.


We draft or review real estate contracts for sellers. We also assist throughout the sales process.

For Sale By Owners (FSBOs)

We draft and review for sale by owner contracts, as well as provide legal services throughout the sales process and negotiations.


We help landowners with all types of legal issues that could impact their use and enjoyment of the land, income from the land, and the resale value of the land. The most common issues include easements and agreements, water rights, boundary lines, and encroachments.


We work with homeowner associations (HOAs) with drafting, updating, interpreting, and enforcing covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs).

Industry Partners

We provide legal services for industry partners such as probate attorneys, title professionals, surveyors, executors of estates, real estate agents, and civil engineers.

Our primary real estate solutions include:

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