Buying Real Estate In Washington

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If you’re buying real estate in Washington State, we’d be happy to assist!

Whether you’re considering a purchase, actively looking for property, in the middle of negotiations, or have closed the transaction, we can provide the legal assistance you need.

At Timely Contract Washington, we make access to an experienced real estate lawyer quick and easy.

We offer the following legal solutions for buyers:

TC Review

If you’re getting ready to sign a contract or have signed one already and have concerns, we can review the real estate contract for you. This service can be particularly critical if you’re buying a “for sale by owner” property, commercial real estate, or land in Washington.

TC Drafting

If you’d like to make an offer on a property in Washington, we can draft the real estate contract for you.

TIER (Title Insurance Exception Review)

If you’d like to know more about a specific property that you’re looking to buy, we can perform legal research for you. Contrary to most people’s understanding, title insurance only offers a degree of protection, not a blanket guarantee. Title insurance exceptions are attached to virtually every property in Washington State. Some are benign and common (such as easements for buried utilities). Other title exceptions, however, are rare and complex, potentially impacting not only on your use and enjoyment of the property, but also its value and re-sale value. As part of our TIER service (title insurance exception review), we research all of the public-record documents that have been registered with the county in which the property is located.


Our TIER Plus service takes due diligence legal research a step further. You custom-design our legal analysis by letting us know what specific questions or concerns you have about a parcel. Not only will we review title insurance exceptions for you, but you get a legal opinion regarding the specific risks that keep you awake at night, risks that have a bearing on the purchase price of the land.

We can assist with all types of real estate purchases in Washington State, including:

  • homes
  • townhomes
  • condos
  • lofts
  • duplexes, triplexes, and multiplexes
  • vacation homes / second homes
  • new construction
  • income property / rental property
  • vacant land
  • farms
  • ranches
  • commercial real estate (multi-family housing, retail, warehouses, and more)

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