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Commercial Real Estate In Washington

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Commercial real estate in Washington State can be a good investment, but it can also be fraught with legal issues. Paying attention to the legal details when you buy, sell, or own commercial property can help protect your investment and your income stream.

At Timely Contract Washington, we can provide the legal assistance that you need for commercial real estate, on a timely basis and for a reasonable cost.

Quick And Easy Legal Solutions For Commercial Real Estate

Our primary legal solutions for commercial real estate include:

Types Of Commercial Real Estate Legal Services

In addition, we can help buyers, sellers, and owners of commercial property in Washington State with a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • purchase and sales agreements
  • contract negotiations
  • for sale by owner contracts
  • deeds
  • construction contracts
  • owner financing
  • leases and sub-leases
  • leasehold improvements
  • zoning
  • building codes and permits
  • easements and agreements
  • property and land use
  • farming agreements (for livestock, grazing, and fencing)
  • rights (for water, minerals, oil and gas, and logging and timber)
  • eminent domain
  • fraud

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Please note: In addition to providing legal solutions for commercial real estate, we also provide legal services for residential real estate.