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For Sale By Owner (FSBOs) In Washington

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Thanks to the wide reach of the internet, it’s easier than ever to sell a residential or commercial property yourself. “For sale by owner” has always been an option, but in recent years, this type of real estate transaction has gained  popularity.

For Sale By Owner - Sellers

It’s easy to see the appeal of a “for sale by owner” (FSBO) transaction. You can bypass a real estate listing agent and avoid paying thousands of dollars in commissions. However, you might want a real estate lawyer by your side through the process.

You don’t want anything to hold up negotiations, much less jeopardize the closing. And you certainly don’t want to be exposed to legal issues long after you’ve cashed your check.

As a seller, downloading a legal template from the internet or drawing up a sales contract yourself can be a risky move if you don’t have experience and expertise in real estate law. Washington State laws and statutes can be complicated – regulating everything from how a contract is worded to disclosure requirements, property lines and fences to conveyances. In addition, each county, municipality, and home rule city in Washington also has its own set of laws.

At Timely Contract Washington, our fast legal services are perfect for sellers who want to market a property on their own, but need legal support!

For Sale By Owner – Buyers

If you’re a buyer who’s eyeing a “for sale by owner” property, you might believe that you’re getting a good deal or reduced price by negotiating directly with the owner. That could be true. However, you’re also putting yourself at risk that the transaction will collapse midway through, that you’re paying more than you should, and/or that the property is burdened in ways you never realized.

In Washington, we see it all the time – buyers who purchased a residential or commercial property, paid for title insurance at the closing, and are stunned to find out later that they can’t use and enjoy the property as they imagined.

These situations are heartbreaking…and preventable! We can provide the timely, expert legal assistance you need to make a good decision about buying a FSBO.

Timely Contract Legal Solutions For FSBOs (Sellers And Buyers)

Our primary legal solutions for buyers and sellers of FSBOs include:

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