HOAs in Washington

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Homeowners associations (HOAs) in Washington State are regulated not only on the state level, but also on the federal level. Most HOAs and community associations are run by board members who have little or no legal expertise, much less real estate experience.

Something that might seem like a small issue – such as an error in the wording of an HOA document or a seemingly benign dispute among neighbors – can quickly grow into a huge problem. That’s why an investment in the services of an experienced real estate lawyer can potentially pay huge dividends, helping to proactively resolve problems and avoid costly litigation.

Legal Services For HOAs

At Timely Contract Washington, we’ve designed our legal services for HOAs to be quick and cost-effective – just the help you need, right when you need it!

While we can assist with many issues that HOAs face, we’re often asked to provide legal assistance for:

  • drafting, reviewing, and amending CC&Rs and other legal documents
  • enforcement of CC&Rs, homeowner liens, and assessments
  • disputes over common areas and common elements

Types Of HOAs That We Assist

We assist all types of HOAs in Washington, including:

  • condominium HOAs
  • townhome HOAs
  • loft HOAs
  • cooperative (co-op) HOAs
  • community association HOAs
  • single-family home HOAs
  • gated community HOAs
  • planned community HOAs
  • master association HOAs
  • civic association HOAs

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Please note: In addition to providing legal support and services for HOAs, we can also help owners of duplex, triplexes, and multiplexes with party wall agreements.