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Our Industry Partners

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At Timely Contract Washington, in addition to working with buyers, sellers, and property owners, we also provide legal services and support for:

Probate Attorneys

For probate attorneys, we can assist by offering expertise and experience specifically in real estate. With wills, trusts, and probate, we can provide tried-and-true solutions for your clients regarding everything from deeds to liens, chain of title to valuation of real estate.

Title Professionals

For title professionals, we can provide legal due diligence and expert legal opinions for title insurance exceptions. The thoroughness of our legal research is matched only by our legal judgment tempered by experience at the local jurisdiction.


For surveyors, we can offer experienced legal counsel on boundary line issues, access, easements, right-of-way agreements, encroachments, and more.

Estate Executors

For estate executors, we can provide legal opinions for thorny issues that arise when valuing, partitioning, or selling real estate in Washington. Common real estate issues that can affect probate include deeds, liens, and chain of title issues.

Real Estate Agents And Brokers

For real estate agents and brokers, we can draft and review contracts, whether you’re the listing agent or the buyer’s agent. We can also provide legal advice for disputes between buyers and sellers, during escrow or after the property has been sold. And we’ve got your back – we can provide the ongoing legal support you might need to help prevent and/or defend yourself against litigation.

Civil Engineers

For civil engineers, we can provide support for land use planning, real estate development, agreements and easements, legal encumbrances, eminent domain, zoning and codes, construction contracts, and more.

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