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Landowners In Washington

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Buying a piece of land in Washington is a dream come true … until it’s not.

When purchasing property, most buyers don’t know what they’re getting into – what they can and can’t do with the land, what county zoning codes and regulations permit and prohibit, what  burdens might be attached to the property, and what the property’s true value and resale value are.

Common Issues That Surprise Buyers In Washington

At Timely Contract Washington, we’ve seen a variety of issues that either derail buyers midway through the sales process, or worse, come back to haunt them years later.

The most common issues that crop up in purchasing property in Washington State include:

  • ignorance of title insurance exceptions (these are binding, public-record documents that are recorded with the county)
  • easements and agreements (for water, sewer, power lines, drainage, conservation, and more)
  • environmental regulations or restrictions
  • zoning and code violations

Timely Contract Solutions For Buyers Of Property In Washington

At Timely Contract, we’ve designed quick and easy “buyer beware” legal support and services that include:

Timely Contract Services For Landowners In Washington

If you’ve already purchased land in Washington State, we can assist with a variety of legal issues related to the property, including:

  • neighbor disputes
  • boundary, property line, survey, and right-of-way issues
  • eminent domain
  • farming agreements (for livestock, grazing, and fencing)
  • real estate development
  • zoning or code violations
  • easements and agreements
  • rights (for water, minerals, oil and gas, logging and timber)
  • encroachments
  • liens and lien removal
  • construction contracts
  • leases and sub-leases

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