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Selling Real Estate In Washington

Do you have questions or concerns about selling a property? Call today to schedule a free consultation, (509) 606-4700.

If you’re selling real estate in Washington, we’d be happy to assist you.

Your main goals, undoubtedly, are to sell the property for the highest price, as fast as you can.

However, you also need to focus on conducting the transaction properly, so that once you’re done, you’re truly done. No problems cropping up before, during, or after closing…no liability exposure that could follow you for years…no looming litigation.

At Timely Contract Washington, our experienced real estate lawyers work with all types of sellers, from homeowners to commercial property owners, farmers and ranchers to investors.

Our primary legal solutions for sellers of real estate include:

TC Drafting

If you plan to sell a property, we can draft a real estate contract that will protect your interests and be in accordance with the structure of the law in Washington. When real estate contracts are poorly written, with missing clauses or confusing language, they can lead to a host of problems. Vague or confusing contract language can trip up the best of deals, leading to protracted negotiations, delayed closings, scuttled sales, even litigation.

In our experience, the most common issues with real estate sales contracts involve:

  • ambiguous contract language
  • contract timeframes
  • disclosures, or lack thereof
  • title exceptions, like easements
  • restrictive covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs)

TC Review

If a potential buyer has presented you with a contract or is attempting to make revisions to your contract, we can review the real estate contract for you.

TIER and TIER Plus

While our due diligence legal research services are primarily used by buyers, sellers often benefit from them as well. With our title insurance exception review service, we review all of the public-record documents that are recorded with the county and deliver a legal opinion about the title. For sellers of real estate in Washington, these services can help determine the value of the property and prevent surprises from arising during negotiations or escrow.

For more information about selling real estate in Washington or to schedule a free consultation, please call (509) 606-4700 or e-mail